Drone Tones

by Raymond Johnson

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Drone Tones is a collection of ambient drone music in each pitch of the chromatic scale tuned to A = 440 Hz. The collection of sounds are intended as an intonation practice aid for woodwinds, brass , strings, vocalists, fiddlers and any other musician looking to practice ear training, interval analysis on the road to perfect pitch.

Drone Tones can also be used to learn how to meditate or as relaxing music for sleep, yoga, and other forms of meditation.

If you're looking for something more web based, check out www.dronetonetool.com which provides a great cello drones.

The drone music in this album do not contain the fifth. Compared to drones that do contain the tonic and fifth, Drone Tones allows the musician to explore more complex intervals such as the tritone and minor sixth with less dissonance. Additionally, each drone uses high quality sampled instruments that may be easier on the ear during long practice sessions.

Before practicing with drones, I usually worked on pitch using long tones and a tuner. I found drones to be much more effective and here’s why:
-When it comes to improving pitch, playing with drone music is much more practical than playing with a tuner since the focus is on the ear rather than the eyes. Its unlikely that you will be able to play with a tuner and have enough spare concentration to pay attention its readout while performing.

-Playing along with drones teaches you to depend on your ears rather than your eyes.

-With drones you can hear and use just intonation in your playing rather than equal tempered tuning.

-The inner ear is improved with drone practice since selected intervals can be heard and internalized in isolation.

-Each drone uses a different instrument timbre which allows the musician to practice various tone colors and blending along with intonation.


released September 1, 2011

Produced by Raymond Johnson.




Raymond Johnson Austin, Texas

"I use music as a medium to talk to people."
– Sun Ra

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